Strobist photography

What is strobist?

Strobist is a photographer who use off-camera flash. It was also a technique of using off-camera flash to capture or produce the photo. Strobist wasn’t studio lighting technique, so hope everyone don’t confuse about strobist and studio lighting.

In photography, it was all about light. Without light, you can’t capture the photo.

I started strobist when I was learning and trying to understand the built-in feature of Nikon SB600. Under Commander mode, we can remotely triggering the Nikon flash such as SB500, SB600, SB800, SB900 and SB910.

With strobe technique, you can give more impact into your photos.

Next, we going to show some sample of strobist photography.


Top left: With one flash with reflective umbrella bounce down at the model.
Top right: One flash with diffusive umbrella with stronger power, and another another flash with reflective umbrella on the right side just beside the photographer.


Top left: One flash use a highlight source on the back of the model at the left side. Another fill flash just behind the photographer.
Top right: One flash behind the model and another flash with diffuser umbrella on the right side.


Top left & right: Left flash with blue gel to create the blue highlight. Right flash with red gel to create red colour highlight on the model. Third flash (fill in flash) on the right side just beside the photographer.

For the shot below, we using up to 5 units of off-camera flashes with diffuser umbrella to capture this photo with the nice sky behind while we still manage to light up the model and the sportcar.


We hope everyone understand on strobist and can’t wait for everyone to create their own masterpiece with the strobe technique.

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