Create low vibrancy photo

We will learn on how to uses two adjustment layers to lower the vibrancy of the photo while preserving some colors.

Here is the steps:

  1. Let’s open a photo in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Click on Adjustment Layer and select Black & White.
  3. In the Black & White window, just click OK. We will do the adjustment later.
  4. Now at the layer palette, change it from Normal to Multiply.
  5. Click on Layer on the Menu bar and select Duplicate Layer.
  6. In Duplicate Layer window, click on OK.
  7. Now you will have another black & white layer, I need you to change the newly created layer’s layer palette from Multiply to Screen.
  8. If you wish to make adjustment for the colour tone for the two black & white layers. Just simply double click on the layer and it will pop up the Black & White window for you.
  9. Here is the sample of completed photo.

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