Create vintage lomo effect

We will share with everyone on how to create a vintage lomo effect photo or image.

Here is the steps:

  1. Open a photo in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Click on Adjustment Layer button and select Levels.
  3. Under Levels window, change RGB channel to Red channel.
  4. Drag the black and white input slider closer towards the middle. Adjust to the pink tint you wanted.
  5. Adjust the Input Levels slider towards the center like how we did with the red channel. As you drag the sliders, you should see the image colors change. While you drag the slider, look at the image to get the colors that you want. Then click OK.
  6. Create a new layer.
  7. Set the foreground and background colour to default by pressing D key on your keyboard.
  8. Press Ctrl + Backspace to fill in white colour into the new layer.
  9. Click on Filter on the Menu bar, then select Distort and click on Lens Correction.
  10. Under Vignette, adjust the Amount to -100.
  11. Now your layer should look something like this where the corners of the layer are dark.
  12. Change the blending mode to Multiply in the Layers palette.
  13. Now your image should look something like this.
  14. Right click on the background layer and select Conver to Smart Object.
  15. Click on Filter on the Menu bar, then select Blur and click Gaussian Blur.
  16. In Gaussian Blue window, just click OK.
  17. Double click on the blending mode button for the Gaussian Blur smart filter.
  18. Change the mode from Normal to Color.
  19. Double click on the Gaussian Blur smart filter to edit the settings. Adjust the settings so that the colors start to bleed with a slight blurry seperation between the colors. Then click OK.
  20. Now this is your final result.

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