Nikon SnapBridge is now available for Android

Nikon’s SnapBridge app is now available for Android. First announced as a feature on the Nikon D500, SnapBridge allows photographers with a compatible Nikon digital camera to maintain a connection to a mobile device using Bluetooth low energy.

SnapBridge for Android is available as of today in the Google Play Store, and the iOS version is expected to be released soon.

Once the app is installed, the camera and phone can be paired and will maintain the Bluetooth connection as long as both devices are on and within range. Isn’t it great?

SnapBridge is able to create a low-energy, persistent connection making it easier to automatically transfer images to a mobile device during shooting. Additionally, SnapBridge offers remote control over camera shutter and settings, and can be used to upload images to Nikon’s cloud storage service.

We were fans of the similar technology in Samsung’s NX1, though only the Android version of the app offered the Bluetooth option. SnapBridge for Android requires Android 5.0 or later, or Android 6.0.1 or later to run. In other words, only limited mobile devices running on Android 5.0 or later, or Android 6.0.1 or later.

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