Western Digital My Cloud

Well, digital images or photos becoming bigger and bigger in size when the camera megapixels increase. It is nearly impossible to keep years of photos/images by CD or DVD. It is not so practical anymore.

Since the introduce of My Cloud by Western Digital, I was so excited and tested the unit for months before I decided to turn it from my main backup storage to my secondary backup storage solution. I prefer to use the more reliable portable hard disk rather than Western Digital My Cloud. Some may ask why? What the reason not to use Western Digital My Cloud as my own backup solution?

Western Digital My Cloud was a very exciting product when it first introduced but I found many bugs in the firmware.

The very first Western Digital My Cloud I tested, it last for 2 months before out of sudden I cannot access the GUI login and can’t access to the folders. I thought it might be hang but it was keep in air-conditioning condition and under the recommended operation temperature. Ok, I guess I give it a try for longer time. Restart the unit and run it for less than a week, suddenly my folders gone missing. I manage to login into the GUI and the folders was there. I set the sharing off and then I turn it on again. Hola! The folders is back. Lucky me. Run for another 2 weeks and same problem occurring again.

I update the firmware as adviced by the Western Digital technical specialist. After the firmware update, it run for 2 weeks without giving me any problem but out of sudden. I cannot access my Western Digital My Cloud again. I can’t even ping the unit, restart the unit but it did not solve my problem. Contact Western Digital’s reseller and they told me they will help me to claim for warranty as it was bought less than 6 months.

Wait patiently for 3 weeks and finally the unit is back in my hand. Plug in and turn it on. Found all my files and folder still attached but it was a brand new unit. According to the reseller, the old unit faulty and they replace for me a new unit with the old hard disk from the faulty unit.

Running it for 3 months and problem start again. Sometime folders not accessible and sometime the folders missing. Sometime the GUI was so slow whenever I try to login. It was so troublesome and finally I decide to write a script to copy my files and folders from my USB portable hard disk to the Western Digital My Cloud. Instead of it running as my main storage, now it serve me as my secondary backup storage.

If you have important data or images, I suggest that you atleast have 2 backup copies in 2 different media. I have limited photos (usually the latest photos/images) in my internal hard disk, and I backup another copy into my USB portable hard disk then I replicated it into my Western Digital My Cloud. Also I keep additional copy in DVD format.

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