Special Edition Beer Bottle Comes with a 360° Smartphone Lens on Top

Beck’s beer has launched a special edition bottle that comes complete with a “CapCam,” a 360° lens you can pop off and attach to your smartphone. Yes, it is real.

I believe it should be named as “CapLens” instead of “CapCam” because it wasn’t a camera at all.

The point of the CapCam is to “provide an all-round view of those typical Beck’s moments shared with close friends.” Since the typical smartphone can’t capture those “all-around” moments, Beck stepped up and created the CapCam as a special giveaway to fans through Facebook.

And they’re announcing it just as Facebook has officially launched 360° photos and videos to the News Feed. Clever marketing.

You won’t find these special 360° lenses topping bottles in your local liquor store. You’ll have to engage with Beck on Facebook to win one yourself. Faster go and win yourself one of this 360° lense!

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