Pentax K1 new firmware released

New function expanding firmware 1.30 released for Pentax K1. The function expand firmware is to add new function or increase number of setting for currently used PENTAX K-1 camera, so that improve the function, easy handling and update to the latest function.

New enhanced functions such as:

  1. The Electronic Shutter at Live View mode
    The Electronic Shutter can be selected at the Menu to reduce camera shake from the mechanical shutter when shooting with Live View mode.
  2. Add the [1:1] format at the Crop mode
    Added and selectable [Square format (1:1)] size at the Crop mode.
  3. Add [2 frames bracketing] for the [AA Filter Simulator bracketing]
    Addition to the current [3 frames bracketing (OFF, TYPE1, TYPE2)], the [2 frames bracketing (OFF, TYPE2)] is added and selectable for the [AA Filter Simulator bracketing]
  4. Smart Function
    At the [BKT] setting, the bracketing range [┬▒0 (=single frame)] can be selected.

Also the new firmware seem to improved stability for general performance of Pentax K1.

Download: Windows | Mac

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