CamFi launches Matrix software for multiple camera control

CamFi has announced a new software package that allows CamFi users to control and trigger multiple cameras.

CamFi Matrix is an application for Windows PCs that communicates via a Wi-Fi or cabled network with certain Canon and Nikon DLR cameras and which can be used to preview a shot via Live View. A control panel allows camera settings to be adjusted and focus points to be selected, and once the shutter is tripped remotely the images can be downloaded and viewed. The system allows an unspecified number of cameras to be controlled at the same time, though the company recommends a high-performance router for simultaneously controlling more than ten, and a cabled connection for more than 20. The company suggests that using multiple-camera set-ups will be useful for creating virtual reality images, 3D product shots and panoramas.

Download: Windows

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