Protect your photo archive against the recent cyberattack

The latest ransomeware named Wanna Cry was hitting corporations, governments, organizations, and home users as well. It encrypts the data on Windows-based computers on infected computer. This is quite terrifying for photographers too, as there is still a risk for those who work on Windows PCs and keep their photo archive on PC-mounted hard drives.

If you’re infected by this virus, you’ll be asked to pay a fee in bitcoin to recover your files. While there isn’t any solution for preventing this threat, Microsoft has been updating the released patches, and security experts warn users to beware of malicious websites and emails.

In my opinion, it is better to make a copy of all your photos and important files. You may create multiple backups and you may want to store them offline. Another method I strongly recommended was burn them into DVD disc. I always keep 3 copies of all my photos, one in DVD disc, one in external hard drive and one in local drive inside my computer.

When you’re not necessary to access the external hard drive, make sure you unmounted them and unplug the USB cable.

Another method of backup your files were to store them on cloud.

Once you infected with ransomware, no way you could recover them unless you paying to the cyber terrorist. System Restore doesn’t help to restore your data.

The creators of WannaCry have taken advantage of the Windows exploit known as EternalBlue, which relies on a vulnerability that Microsoft patched in security update MS17-010. If you have the update installed, then this vulnerability no longer exists for you, and attempts to hack the computer remotely through the vulnerability will fail. But any computer patched with the update is not totally safe from the ransomeware entirely.

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