Affinity Photo for iPad released

Affinity Photo, professional photo editing app for iPad has been released. The new app uses the same backend engine used in the desktop version while also focusing its capabilities for the iPad’s hardware, touchscreen, and Apple Pencil. Affinity Photo for iPad features a complete set of retouching tools such as cloning, healing, dodge and burn, and frequency separation capabilities built in.

Non-destructive editing can be done with various layer-based adjustments such as curves, white balance, shadows and highlights, hue/saturation/luminance, masking and more. Quite similar like Adobe Photoshop.

The joy of brushing directly on screen is never more apparent than when retouching images, and Affinity Photo has all the tools you need.

Accurate selections are critical, whether cutting out objects, creating masks or selectively applying adjustments. Affinity Photo seem to be working quite good in this area.

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